EXPLORE CRO-SRB organises opening conference

The opening conference of the project EXPLORE CRO-SRB was held on 6 September 2017 in the Memorial house of Dragutin Tadijanović, most popular and most influential Croatian poet of the 20th century from Rastušje near Slavonski Brod. The Development Agency of Slavonski Brod, as the Lead Partner, presented the project idea, partnership, goals, value, funding source, target groups, activities and expected results. This conference brought together 50 guests, including decision-makers and representatives of local and regional media. In the spirit of the project, the guests had the opportunity to taste the products of their project partner Tourism cluster Slavonska košarica members.


After the opening conference, the project team had its first formal meeting during which the project partners submitted a report on the activities completed within the first month and a half of the project duration, activities in implementation, upcoming activities and budget execution in order to ensure general coordination of activities and deadlines.

Final Project Progress Report workshop

On 13 and 14 February the Programme organized a Final Project Report workshop at the Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds in Zagreb to help beneficiaries in closing projects

1st Programming Task Force meeting

The first Programming Task Force meeting was held in Zagreb on 17 December 2019 and was attended by more than 20 representatives of Croatia and Serbia. The Programming Task Force

IT community region

Start of IT Community Region

The IT Community Region project held its opening conference in an interesting and unusual venue: the Magenta 1 Waterbus, docked on the Danube river in Vukovar. The IT Community Region

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