Cooperation Programme version 3.0 approved

Following the recommendations resulting from the evaluation of the efficiency and effectiveness of the Programme performed in 2019 and the findings from the contracting process for the 2nd Call for Proposals, new version of Cooperation Programme (version 3.0) was approved by the Commission Implementing Decision C(2020) 4269 from 22 June 2020.

In version 3.0 of Cooperation programme the following was modified:

  • EU funds reallocated from PA2 and PA4 to PA1,
  • EU amount allocated to each category of intervention and territory type updated,
  • national private contribution introduced,
  • Programme output indicators target values adjusted,
  • updated information on Programme bodies institutions,
  • updated information on institutions providing the data for the result indicators,
  • introduced details related to the employment of Joint Secretariat staff and First level control staff in Serbia.

eMS is fully functional

We are pleased to inform you that the eMS is online, accessible for both Programme beneficiaries and Programme bodies and fully functional. In case of minor technical difficulties, please contact

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