Vukovar becomes “open-air gallery” through Panona net project

The project created 5 new murals in Vukovar by world renowned street art artists. Vukovar now holds a respectable number of 33 public space art works, and through the project activities, this unique gallery has been additionally promoted and upgraded.

Within this year’s VukovART festival, the project team implemented mapping and forming of two tourist paths; mural route and 3D art route. The mural route is intended for bicycle visitors and spans for 12 kilometers providing a combination of sports, recreation and cultural content. The 3D art route was formed as a walking route and covers the anamorphic art murals drawn on Vukovar walk paths. To make the paths more accessible to tourists, paths were gps tracked and marked with signs containing a QR code with downloadable gps map. By implementing such solutions, the gallery was adapted to the needs of the modern tourists, especially numerous cycle tourists visiting Vukovar while travelling along the Euro velo 6 route.

COVID19 epidemic was a serious setback for the festival organizers, but the project team considered new solutions to adapt to the situation – development of a new form of digital tourism through creation of on-line VukovART gallery and VR tour. The finished application contains all 33 artworks shot in 360° view. The gallery is available as a desktop or mobile app and adapted to use with VR glasses on mobile phones. By creating the application both Panona net project and VukovART as its integral part, got additional means of promotion.

The digital gallery is available here:  

We invite you to visit and tour this unique open gallery!

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