Use of biomass and solar energy as renewable sources for sustainable and efficient energy for stand-alone complexes with a social purpose



981.616,01 EUR



The BIOSOL project questions low levels of energy efficiency in public buildings of Croatia and Serbia’s border regions and their dependence on old, inefficient power plants which use fossil fuels. For this reason, partners will design energy efficient tools based on renewable energy sources. The main objective of the project is to promote sustainable energy and raise energy efficiency in the cross-border region, as well as to contribute to reduction of air pollution and energy costs. BIOSOL project partners plan to achieve this goal by constructing power plants based on solar and biomass energy, installing these plants on 16 public buildings, analyzing potentials of using renewable energy sources in the project area, introducing models for efficient energy management and raising awareness in this field with education activities and new initiatives, such as the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Academy.


City of Šabac (SER), as the project’s lead partner, will take action to increase energy efficiency in the public sector by investing in a 0,5MW capacity small district renewable energy plant, system and network. Also, Lead Partner will establish the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Academy and promote alternative transport energy, through use of a promotional e-vehicle. In addition to demonstrating the importance of energy efficient measures, the City of Šabac will also coordinate the partnership and ensure visibility of results.

City of Nova Gradiška  (CRO) plans to efficiently manage resources and infrastructure and contribute to environmental protection of the area. The city will take action to increase energy efficiency in the public sector by investing in a 500kWh solar power plant that will produce electricity for its own needs. The partner will also draw up an Action plan for sustainable energy development, educate their staff and organize informative and educational workshops.

Local Action Group “Western Slavonia” (CRO) will take the leading role in research tasks, potential identification and development of biomass market from forestry, agriculture and industry. Due to extensive project experience, the partner will be in charge of visibility activities and organization of press events and the closing conference.


BIOSOL kicks off

Partners of the BIOSOL project organized a kick-off meeting on 26 September at the Šabac Center for Professional Development. The BIOSOL project, contracted within the 2nd Call for Proposals, aims

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